Rocket One-Click

Easy One-Click Upsell Solution

Create one-click upsell buttons and embed it to your webpages. It's easy and quick! Download the plugin or check the video demonstration.
Create your First Upsell in Minutes
1. Download Plugin
Download Rocket One-Click below.
2. Install the Plugin
Rocket One-Click is a wordpress plugin. You can install wordpress plugins around 5 minutes.
3. Create Upsell
Go to Rocket One-Click menu in your Wordpress Dashboard. Click Add Upsell to create new upsell.
4. Embed Upsell
After upsell creation, a code will be shown to you. Copy & paste the code to a webpage or wordpress page
Sell Products, Subscriptions, and Product Bundles
Rocket One-Click allows you to sell Products, Subscriptions and Product Bundles. After selecting the Keap Application you want to use, simply enter the products you want to sell and Rocket One-Click automatically searches the product in Keap.
Sell Products
Easily set-up Payplans
Allow your customer to pay in installments by setting up a payplan in your upsell. It's easy to set this up in Rocket One-Click. Rocket One-Click shows a payplan preview schedule to make sure you have setup the payplan correctly.
Introducing SmartLinks
Packaged with Rocket One-Click is the SmartLinks module. With SmartLinks, you can create "smart" links that redirect your customers to different URLs based on the conditions you have set.

This is very handy when you want to give personalized offers to your customers. You can set conditions based on tags or the products already purchased by the customer.
Smart Links
Button Builder
Create Modern Buttons with Button Builder
No need to design buttons using graphics software — simply use Rocket One-Click's button builder. Alternatively, you can also upload a button or simply use a plain link as your upsell button.
Unleash the power of Keap — Apply tags or trigger action sets when an upsell purchase is made by the customer.

If your using Keap's campaign builder, you can also trigger a campaign goal. The campaign builder is one of the best automation tools you can use in Keap.
Automation Screenshot
Download Rocket One-Click (Free 14-day Trial)
Ready to use Rocket One-Click for production? Click here to purchase a commercial license.
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Download Rocket One-Click
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